APA report-back to co-chairs at COP22 on Wednesday morning, 10 November 2016

Report back to Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA) plenary on the informal consultations held by facilitators on the components of the Paris Agreement (PA)

Although the co-chair of the APA said she was

Divergent views were expressed what NDCs were and even what or whether any guidance was necessary (art. 4 of PA). This report on mitigation seemed vague and provided little insight into how informal were progressing. India objected saying overwhelming support for “common but differentiated responsibilities” (CBDR) should have been reflected.

On adaptation reporting (arts. 10 & 11 of PA) concerns were expressed by developing countries about rlectra reporting burdens that are being imposed on them without commensurate support.

On modalities and principles for guidelines on transpatency for support and implementation (art. 13), a facilitator reported back still diveregent on MPGs. They decided to draft a workplan due to level of technical work needed.

On the anticipated global stocktake, there was divergence of views and little progress (art. 14).

The report-back on modalities and procedures for support looked at how Parties might participate. Reporting faciliators seemed disappointed with progress.

Bolivia took the floor to regret that some States were trying to delink the PA from the UNFCCC and to focus on selected details while ignoring overall principles from the UNFCCC that are incorporated into the PA and must guide the work.

Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and India also expressed concern about facilitors circulating aids that don’t reglect the full range of States views.

The EU thought the report backs reflected the discussions sufficiently.

Costa Rica and Indonesia called for the recognition of cross-cutting nature of various discussions.

Colombia, in a surprising intervention, asked for the APA co-chair to silence dissent by States who have alternative views on the course of negotiations.

Argentina called on the co-chairs to ensure the participation of small States.

The APA also closed agenda item 8(a)  as PA entered into force on 4 November. At the stocktake Australia announced that it had today ratified the PA and the Doha Protocol to the UNFCCC.

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