Victims of War

We have frequently intervene on behalf of victims of war in Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, Panama, Afghanistan, Somalia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lebanon, Libya, and elsewhere. We remain willing and ready to assist all victims of war through legal representation in their claims for damages and in representation to states and international organizations to ensure their rights are respected and to try to end violations of international human rights and/or international humanitarian law.

Other areas of activity

INTLawyers has been working with partners that include Nord-Sud XXI, the Peoples’ Health Movement and the NGO Forum for Health to encourage the World Health Organization’s main plenary body, the World Health Assembly, to adopt a resolution on the right to health for the first time in its 65 year history. Read more

INTLawyers strives to contribute to promoting, developing and ensuring human rights. It does so by participating in global human rights processes and voicing opinions that reflect fair-mindedness, equal treatment, and respect for all peoples. Read more

Climate change is one of the most important man-made occurrences confronting everyone in the world, especially people of the global South. Expert legal advice to governments, peoples, and non-governmental actors is crucial to being able to deal with this global problem. Read more

Prisoners are among the most vulnerable people in society as they are under the almost complete control of the State authorities. We will take action on cases of arbitrary detention, unfair trial, inhumane or degrading treatment, torture, inadequate medical care, inadequate living conditions, or other types of abuses against prisoners. Read more

We consider the situation of refugees and cooperate with other lawyers and refugee associations on the protection of refugees around the world. Refugees seekers are among the most vulnerable people in the world because they have fled their country because of a well-founded fear of persecution or other serious reasons. Read more

A conditio sine qua non for a world where people are treated with due respect and humanity starts with equitable development. This means that everyone, everywhere has a chance to live a life of human dignity without some few people disproportionately exploiting their environment and other people. Read more

Indigenous Peoples are those who come from a particular country or region. Often they are in a minority or in vulnerable positions because of lack of opportunities equal to those of other groups in the population. They are sometimes oppressed by governments that refuse to recognize their cultural, social, economic, political, or civil rights. Read more

We also welcome your suggestions and you can provide us information about situations – individual cases or groups – that involve human rights and/or development issues that you think we should be concerned with us via our Contact page.
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